The Music Festivals

At Zakumi Tours, we service both local and international events. Enjoy the occasion and do not worry about how you would get home or to the hotel. We ensure that clients enjoy the events throughout Cape Town by delivering safe, reliable transportation.

Information & Features

Event Time

N/A variable (GMT +2)

Tour Pricing

N/A varies
dependent on seating


Hotel pickup
Air-conditioned vehicles
Water for each guest
Guided Tour
Hotel drop off



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About the Experience

Concerts in Cape Town are Intense. The adrenaline pumps trough your body as the energy buzzes all around you. The Music plays so loud that you could practically feel your body vibrating. The music is loud. Very, VERY loud.

It was enjoyable, not only because every single person is there for the same music and performance, but because everyone had this sense on unity so it was easy to make friends and find people to talk to. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone walked into a concert alone and walked out with a whole group of friends.

Our Service

We ensure that after the concert, everyone gets home safely. You need not worry about getting a random sketchy uber driver on a late-night, after your concert. Your safety is our key priority, while you stay in our city we are dedicated to making sure that our clients get home and to their hotels.



No shop available on this tour at present.


There will always be opportunities to eat just let Faz know. Due to different time zones’ eating is a variable.


Cape Town is beautiful bring a decent camera and look after it, there will lots of pictures.


Our guide Faz is like the Yoda of Cape Town and has knowledge of all things regarding Cape Town.

Your Event

You might be coming to Cape Town for more than a holiday, maybe it’s more than two people or one family and that’s okay. We will cater to the entire event, enquire using the button below.