A Township Tour

Also known as ‘Informal Settlements’, this tour highlights traditional African culture within urban space and is regarded by many of our visitors as an eye-opener to the disadvantages of many people in our country.

Information & Features

Tour Time

9:00 to 14:00 (GMT +2)

Tour Pricing

Adult . . . . . . . . . . . . . R 600
under 12 . . . . . . . . . . R 450
under 3 . . . . . . . . . . . Free


Hotel pickup
Air conditioned vehicles
Water for each guest
Guided Tour
Hotel drop off



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About the Experience

We start off in District Six; our symbol for the destructive nature of apartheid. Langa, the isiXhosa term for ‘Sun’, is the oldest township in Cape Town and was the location of much resistance to apartheid, and our first of three stops during the leg of this tour. Here you will come to learn about the smiley (sheep’s head) and taste another traditional and local African cuisine, given your preference. Part of this tour is visiting a traditional healer – we however do not guarantee this as healers are not readily available, but we will try our utmost to ensure this experience.

Good for the family

A drive through Gugulethu highlights the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust, founded in the 90s – the foundation’s goal is to empower young, disadvantaged youth by using education and culture to deter crime and drugs. We also pass the ‘Gugulethu Seven Memorial’, built to commemorate the lives of the seven activists that were ambushed and killed by the South African security forces in March 1986. Our final stop is Hanover Park, part of what is known as the Cape Flats – made up of several areas and known for its struggle history, in particular
colored people in ‘The Flats’ and current underprivileged but slowly developing status.



You will see house shops, they are common in Cape Town. You will find out how locals shop.


There will always be opportunities to eat just let Faz know. Due to different time zones’ eating is a variable.


Cape Town is beautiful bring a decent camera and look after it, there will lots of pictures.


Our guide Faz is like the Yoda of Cape Town and has knowledge of all things regarding Cape Town.

Your Event

You might be coming to Cape Town for more than a holiday, maybe it’s more than two people or one family and that’s okay. We will cater to the entire event, enquire using the button below.